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Deprecated API


Deprecated Classes
Joomla.Platform\JElementParameter base classThe JElement is the base class for all JElement types
Joomla.Administrator\JElementArticleRenders an article element
Joomla.Administrator\JElementAuthorRenders an author element
Joomla.Platform\JElementCalendarRenders a calendar element
Joomla.Platform\JElementCategoryRenders a category element
Joomla.Platform\JElementComponentLayoutsParameter to display a list of the layouts for a component view from the extension or default template overrides.
Joomla.Administrator\JElementContactRenders a contact element
Joomla.Platform\JElementContentLanguagesRenders a select list of Asset Groups
Joomla.Platform\JElementEditorsRenders a editors element
Joomla.Platform\JElementFilelistRenders a filelist element
Joomla.Platform\JElementFolderlistRenders a filelist element
Joomla.Platform\JElementHelpsitesRenders a helpsites element
Joomla.Platform\JElementHiddenRenders a hidden element
Joomla.Platform\JElementImageListRenders a imagelist element
Joomla.Platform\JElementLanguagesRenders a languages element
Joomla.Platform\JElementListRenders a list element
Joomla.Platform\JElementMenuRenders a menu element
Joomla.Platform\JElementMenuItemRenders a menu item element
Joomla.Platform\JElementModuleLayoutsParameter to display a list of the layouts for a module from the module or default template overrides.
Joomla.Administrator\JElementNewsfeedRenders a newsfeed selection element
Joomla.Platform\JElementPasswordRenders a password element
Joomla.Platform\JElementRadioRenders a radio element
Joomla.Platform\JElementSQLRenders a SQL element
Joomla.Platform\JElementSpacerRenders a spacer element
Joomla.Platform\JElementTextRenders a text element
Joomla.Platform\JElementTextareaRenders a textarea element
Joomla.Platform\JElementTimezonesRenders a timezones element
Joomla.Platform\JElementUserGroupRenders a editors element
Joomla.Platform\JErrorError Handling ClassThis class is inspired in design and concept by patErrorManager patErrorManager contributors include: gERD Schaufelberger Sebastian Mordziol - Stephan Schmidt
Joomla.Platform\JExceptionJoomla! Exception object.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneJPane abstract class
Joomla.Platform\JPaneSlidersJPanelSliders class to to draw parameter panes.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneTabsJPanelTabs class to to draw parameter panes.
Joomla.Platform\JParameterParameter handler
Joomla.Platform\JRequestJRequest ClassThis class serves to provide the Joomla Framework with a common interface to access request variables.
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXMLSimpleXML implementation.
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXMLElementSimpleXML ElementThis object stores all of the direct children of itself in the $children array.
Deprecated Fields
geshi\GeSHi\enable_important_blocks Whether important blocks should be recognised or not
geshi\GeSHi\important_styles Styles for important parts of the code
Joomla.Platform\JController\_acoSection ACO Section for the controller.
Joomla.Platform\JController\_acoSectionValue Default ACO Section value for the controller.
Joomla.Platform\JUser\usertype User type Used in Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 for access control.
Deprecated Methods
geshi\GeSHi\set_language_path Sets the path to the directory containing the language files.
geshi\GeSHi\set_brackets_style Sets the styles for brackets.
geshi\GeSHi\set_brackets_highlighting Turns highlighting on/off for bracketsThis method is DEPRECATED: use set_symbols_highlighting instead.
geshi\GeSHi\disable_highlighting Disables all highlighting
geshi\GeSHi\enable_important_blocks Sets whether context-important blocks are highlighted
Joomla.Platform\JController\authorize Authorisation check
Joomla.Platform\JController\setAccessControl Sets the access control levels.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\addQuoted Adds a field or array of field names to the list that are to be quoted.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\debug Sets the debug level on or off
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\explain Diagnostic method to return explain information for a query.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\getErrorMsg Gets the error message from the database connection.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\getErrorNum Gets the error number from the database connection.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\getEscaped Method to escape a string for usage in an SQL statement.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\getTableFields Retrieves field information about the given tables.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\getTicker Get the total number of SQL statements executed by the database driver.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\isQuoted Checks if field name needs to be quoted.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\loadResultArray Method to get an array of values from the $offset field in each row of the result set from the database query.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\nameQuote Wrap an SQL statement identifier name such as column, table or database names in quotes to prevent injection risks and reserved word conflicts.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\queryBatch Execute a query batch.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabase\stderr Return the most recent error message for the database connector.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabaseMySQL\explain Diagnostic method to return explain information for a query.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabaseMySQL\queryBatch Execute a query batch.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabaseMySQLi\explain Diagnostic method to return explain information for a query.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabaseMySQLi\queryBatch Execute a query batch.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabaseSQLAzure\explain Diagnostic method to return explain information for a query.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabaseSQLAzure\queryBatch Execute a query batch.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabaseSQLSrv\explain Diagnostic method to return explain information for a query.
Joomla.Platform\JDatabaseSQLSrv\queryBatch Execute a query batch.
Joomla.Platform\JDate\setOffset Set the date offset (in hours).
Joomla.Platform\JDate\toFormat Gets the date in a specific formatReturns a string formatted according to the given format.
Joomla.Platform\JElement\__construct Constructor
Joomla.Platform\JElement\getName Get the element name
Joomla.Platform\JElementComponentLayouts\_getOptions Get the options for the list.
Joomla.Platform\JElementContentLanguages\_getOptions Get the options for the element
Joomla.Platform\JElementList\_getOptions Get the options for the element
Joomla.Platform\JElementList\fetchElement Fetch the HTML code for the parameter element.
Joomla.Platform\JElementModuleLayouts\_getOptions Get the options for the list.
Joomla.Platform\JError\isError Method to determine if a value is an exception object.
Joomla.Platform\JError\getError Method for retrieving the last exception object in the error stack
Joomla.Platform\JError\getErrors Method for retrieving the exception stack
Joomla.Platform\JError\addToStack Method to add non-JError thrown JExceptions to the JError stack for debugging purposes
Joomla.Platform\JError\raise Create a new JException object given the passed arguments
Joomla.Platform\JError\throwError Throw an error
Joomla.Platform\JError\raiseError Wrapper method for the raise() method with predefined error level of E_ERROR and backtrace set to true.
Joomla.Platform\JError\raiseWarning Wrapper method for the raise() method with predefined error level of E_WARNING and backtrace set to false.
Joomla.Platform\JError\raiseNotice Wrapper method for the raise() method with predefined error level of E_NOTICE and backtrace set to false.
Joomla.Platform\JError\getErrorHandling Method to get the current error handler settings for a specified error level.
Joomla.Platform\JError\setErrorHandling Method to set the way the JError will handle different error levels.
Joomla.Platform\JError\attachHandler Method that attaches the error handler to JError
Joomla.Platform\JError\translateErrorLevel Translate an error level integer to a human readable string e.g.
Joomla.Platform\JError\handleEcho Echo error handler - Echos the error message to output
Joomla.Platform\JError\handleVerbose Verbose error handler - Echos the error message to output as well as related info
Joomla.Platform\JError\handleDie Die error handler - Echos the error message to output and then dies
Joomla.Platform\JError\handleMessage Message error handler Enqueues the error message into the system queue
Joomla.Platform\JError\handleLog Log error handler Logs the error message to a system log file
Joomla.Platform\JError\handleCallback Callback error handler - Send the error object to a callback method for error handling
Joomla.Platform\JError\customErrorPage Display a custom error page and exit gracefully
Joomla.Platform\JError\customErrorHandler Display a custom error page and exit gracefully
Joomla.Platform\JError\renderBacktrace Render the backtrace
Joomla.Platform\JException\__construct Constructor - used to set up the error with all needed error details.
Joomla.Platform\JException\__toString Returns to error message
Joomla.Platform\JException\toString Returns to error message
Joomla.Platform\JException\get Returns a property of the object or the default value if the property is not set.
Joomla.Platform\JException\getProperties Returns an associative array of object properties
Joomla.Platform\JException\getError Get the most recent error message
Joomla.Platform\JException\getErrors Return all errors, if any
Joomla.Platform\JException\set Modifies a property of the object, creating it if it does not already exist.
Joomla.Platform\JException\setProperties Set the object properties based on a named array/hash
Joomla.Platform\JException\setError Add an error message
Joomla.Platform\JFactory\getXMLParser Get an XML document
Joomla.Platform\JHtmlBehavior\mootools Deprecated.
Joomla.Platform\JHtmlGrid\access Deprecated method to change access level in a grid
Joomla.Platform\JHtmlImage\site Checks to see if an image exists in the current templates image directory.
Joomla.Platform\JHtmlImage\administrator Checks to see if an image exists in the current templates image directory if it does it loads this image.
Joomla.Platform\JHtmlList\accesslevel Get a grouped list of pre-Joomla 1.6 access levels
Joomla.Platform\JHtmlList\specificordering Build a select list with a specific ordering
Joomla.Platform\JHtmlList\category Crates a select list of categories
Joomla.Platform\JHtmlSelect\optgroup Create a placeholder for an option group.
Joomla.Platform\JLanguage\getPluralSufficesCallback Getter for pluralSuffixesCallback function.
Joomla.Platform\JLanguage\_parseLanguageFiles Searches for language directories within a certain base dir.
Joomla.Platform\JLanguage\_parseXMLLanguageFiles Parses XML files for language information.
Joomla.Platform\JLanguage\_parseXMLLanguageFile Parse XML file for language information.
Joomla.Platform\JLog\getInstance Returns a JLog object for a given log file/configuration, only creating it if it doesn't already exist.
Joomla.Platform\JLog\addEntry Method to add an entry to the log file.
Joomla.Platform\JPane\getInstance Returns a JPanel object.
Joomla.Platform\JPane\startPane Creates a pane and creates the javascript object for it.
Joomla.Platform\JPane\endPane Ends the pane.
Joomla.Platform\JPane\startPanel Creates a panel with title text and starts that panel.
Joomla.Platform\JPane\endPanel Ends a panel.
Joomla.Platform\JPane\_loadBehavior Load the javascript behavior and attach it to the document.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneSliders\__construct Constructor.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneSliders\startPane Creates a pane and creates the javascript object for it.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneSliders\endPane Ends the pane.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneSliders\startPanel Creates a tab panel with title text and starts that panel.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneSliders\endPanel Ends a tab page.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneSliders\_loadBehavior Load the javascript behavior and attach it to the document.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneTabs\startPane Creates a pane and creates the javascript object for it.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneTabs\endPane Ends the pane.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneTabs\startPanel Creates a tab panel with title text and starts that panel.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneTabs\endPanel Ends a tab page.
Joomla.Platform\JPaneTabs\_loadBehavior Load the javascript behavior and attach it to the document.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\__construct Constructor
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\def Sets a default value if not alreay assigned.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\setXML Sets the XML object from custom XML files.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\bind Bind data to the parameter.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\render Render the form control.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\renderToArray Render all parameters to an array.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\getNumParams Return the number of parameters in a group.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\getGroups Get the number of params in each group.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\getParams Render all parameters.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\getParam Render a parameter type.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\loadSetupFile Loads an XML setup file and parses it.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\loadElement Loads an element type.
Joomla.Platform\JParameter\addElementPath Add a directory where JParameter should search for element types.
Joomla.Platform\JRegistry\loadXML Load an XML string into the registry into the given namespace [or default if a namespace is not given]
Joomla.Platform\JRegistry\loadINI Load an INI string into the registry into the given namespace [or default if a namespace is not given]
Joomla.Platform\JRegistry\loadJSON Load an JSON string into the registry into the given namespace [or default if a namespace is not given]
Joomla.Platform\JRegistry\makeNameSpace Create a namespace
Joomla.Platform\JRegistry\getNameSpaces Get the list of namespaces
Joomla.Platform\JRegistry\getValue Get a registry value
Joomla.Platform\JRegistry\setValue Set a registry value
Joomla.Platform\JRegistry\loadSetupFile This method is added as an interim solution for API references in Joomla! 1.6 to the JRegistry object where in 1.5 a JParameter object existed.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getURI Gets the full request path.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getMethod Gets the request method.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getVar Fetches and returns a given variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getInt Fetches and returns a given filtered variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getUInt Fetches and returns a given filtered variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getFloat Fetches and returns a given filtered variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getBool Fetches and returns a given filtered variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getWord Fetches and returns a given filtered variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getCmd Cmd (Word and Integer0 filterFetches and returns a given filtered variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\getString Fetches and returns a given filtered variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\setVar Set a variabe in one of the request variables.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\get Fetches and returns a request array.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\set Sets a request variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\checkToken Checks for a form token in the request.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\clean Cleans the request from script injection.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\_cleanArray Adds an array to the GLOBALS array and checks that the GLOBALS variable is not being attacked.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\_cleanVar Clean up an input variable.
Joomla.Platform\JRequest\_stripSlashesRecursive Strips slashes recursively on an array.
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXML\__construct Constructor.
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXML\loadString Interprets a string of XML into an objectThis function will take the well-formed XML string data and return an object of class JSimpleXMLElement with properties containing the data held within the XML document.
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXML\loadFile Interprets an XML file into an objectThis function will convert the well-formed XML document in the file specified by filename to an object of class JSimpleXMLElement.
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXML\importDOM Get a JSimpleXMLElement object from a DOM node.
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXML\getParser Get the parser
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXML\setParser Set the parser
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXML\_parse Start parsing an XML documentParses an XML document.
Joomla.Platform\JSimpleXMLElement\toString Return a well-formed XML string based on SimpleXML element
Joomla.Platform\JTable\canDelete Generic check for whether dependancies exist for this object in the database schemaCan be overloaded/supplemented by the child class
Joomla.Platform\JTable\toXML Method to export the JTable instance properties to an XML string.
Joomla.Platform\JTableContent\toXML Converts record to XML
Joomla.Administrator\JToolBarHelper\customX Writes a custom option and task button for the button bar.
Joomla.Administrator\JToolBarHelper\addNewX Writes the common 'new' icon for the button bar.
Joomla.Administrator\JToolBarHelper\editListX Writes a common 'edit' button for a list of records.
Joomla.Administrator\JToolBarHelper\editHtmlX Writes a common 'edit' button for a template html.
Joomla.Administrator\JToolBarHelper\editCssX Writes a common 'edit' button for a template css.
Joomla.Administrator\JToolBarHelper\deleteListX Writes a common 'delete' button for a list of records.
Joomla.Platform\JURI\toString Returns full uri string.
Joomla.Platform\JUpdater\arrayUnique Multidimensional array safe unique test
Joomla.Platform\JUser\authorize Proxy to authorise
Joomla.Platform\JUser\authorisedLevels Proxy to getAuthorisedViewLevels
Joomla.Platform\JUtility\sendMail Mail function (uses phpMailer)
Joomla.Platform\JUtility\sendAdminMail Sends mail to administrator for approval of a user submission
Joomla.Platform\JUtility\getHash Provides a secure hash based on a seed
Joomla.Platform\JUtility\getToken Method to determine a hash for anti-spoofing variable names
Joomla.Platform\JUtility\isWinOS Method to determine if the host OS is Windows
Joomla.Platform\JUtility\dump Method to dump the structure of a variable for debugging purposes
Joomla.Platform\JUtility\array_unshift_ref Prepend a reference to an element to the beginning of an array.
Joomla.Platform\JUtility\return_bytes Return the byte value of a particular string
Joomla.Platform\JXMLElement\data Legacy method to get the element data.
Joomla.Platform\JXMLElement\getAttribute Legacy method gets an elements attribute by name.
Deprecated Globals
Joomla\JAUTHENTICATE_STATUS_CANCEL Status to indicate cancellation of authentication (unused)
Joomla\JAUTHENTICATE_STATUS_FAILURE This is the status code returned when the authentication failed (prevent login if no success)
Joomla.Platform\JAUTHENTICATE_STATUS_SUCCESS This is the status code returned when the authentication is success (permit login)
geshi\GESHI_ERROR_NO_INPUT No sourcecode to highlight was specified
Документация по Joomla 1.7